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InsideIIM Alumni Report 2021

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How Many IIM, ISB Grads End Up At Google, Microsoft, Facebook? | IIM Alumni Report: Tech & E-Comm

“Where do you see yourself in next 5 to 10 years?” is one of the most feared questions & common questions of all time in an interview scenario. This is

Top Banks That Have The Most IIM ABCLIK, ISB, XLRI, FMS Alumni Working In Them | IIM Alumni Records

Banking and Finance is one of the top priority sectors that B-school students want to be part of. Not just the interest, but the heavy pay packets and the lifestyle

Ten Recruitment Reports MBA Students And IIM Aspirants Must Read In 2021

Which are India's dream companies to work with after an MBA? Which Consulting firms and banks do IIM ABCLIK, ISB and XLRI alumni end up at after their MBA? What

HUL, P&G Amongst Top FMCG Companies Where IIM Alumni End Up At | Alumni Report 2021

Consumer Goods companies are some of the biggest recruiters at top Indian b-school campuses, hiring top talent for various domains including Sales and Marketing. In fact, FMCG companies such as Hindustan

Which Top Banks Do IIM ABC, ISB, XLRI, FMS Alumni End Up At?

Finance roles are some of the most desirable roles at a b-school campus, with many top banks and even multi-lateral organisations offering coveted roles to MBA graduates. So, of the

How Likely Are You To Work With McKinsey, BCG, Bain If You Are From IIMs ABCLIK?

Consulting is, hands down, the most sought-after domain for MBA students at India's leading business schools. For these students, it is a dream to work with the holy trinity of