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InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

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Questions Asked During Placements By Top Recruiters - InsideIIM's Placement Prep Series

Now that you have entered your dream B-School, the first major professional milestone that you should look forward to is your Summer Placement. You will now be competing with some

Questions Asked By Sales & Marketing Companies During Placements

One of the most popular domains B-school students want to get into is Sales and Marketing. Marketing summer internship interviews are typically focused on questions around the individual’s profile, projects

Summer Placement Preparation 2022 - The Complete Guide | InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

This article, we will be targeting the aspect of preparations related to the Summer Placements. This detailed guide will help you in drafting your resume, to preparing for HR questions

Arrogance & Overconfidence: My Summer Placements Disaster, Ft. Ankit D, Founder - InsideIIM | AltUni

In this candid video by Ankit Doshi, Founder & CEO of InsideIIM & AltUni, he describes his disastrous encounter with Summer Placements at IIM Indore, over a decade ago. He

How To Prepare For GenMan Roles

There are some who are Jacks of a single trade and specialise in that and then there are some who are jack of many trades and masters of none. Well,

How To Prepare For E-Commerce Roles In Summers

The internet bubble burst in the early 2000s but the ripple of the same is being felt by us as of today. How would one ask? E-Commerce. E-Commerce is the

How To Solve Guesstimate Questions In Your Interviews - InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

Guesstimates – Ideally an alien word for majority of students trying to enter the B-School world.One would stop and ask, what exactly is a guesstimate?