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What To Do If You Don't Get Into A B-School This Year - Tips From An IIM Calcutta Student

Be it bad luck, poor preparation or just the huge number of competitors in India, it is a fact that many aspirants are not going to get a B-school of

Textbooks Followed For Different Electives At IIM Calcutta

At IIM Calcutta and many other business schools, the second year is only about electives. We have a great range of electives, and I will not be able to justice

Textbooks Followed At IIM Calcutta For The First Year

Here is a list of the major textbooks followed within each discipline at IIM Calcutta in the first year. Keep in mind that all the courses in first year are

Is It Worth Waiting A Year For IIMs A, B Or C?

The biggest dilemma for aspirants arises when they get admission to a college which was not their initial target. For instance, if you were targeting A, B or C (referred

Technology - Friend Or Foe? | A OYO HR Intern's Perspective

As students of HR, a pressing question that kept coming to our minds was “Is technology making HR redundant?”

5 Online Resources For An HR Student | Sailesh Hota, XLRI Jamshedpur

As a student of HR, it is tough to find valid resources online to know more about the field. Most generic websites just spew random outdated HR stuff and practices

Remembering What Is Important | Nitish Kishore, XLRI Jamshedpur

Life is a race. Just have a look around you for a while. Who am I kidding? Who has got so much time to look around. Everyone is so damn

Gazing At The Mirror | Nitish Kishore, XLRI Jamshedpur

“Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. People can’t do things themselves, they tell you can’t do the same” - Will Smith