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Why Do Marketing Firms Prefer Freshers?

The first thing that strikes us when we think about fresher's is the energetic, raw perspective. The new brain, the personalities which are not stalled by the pressing factor of

Is Your Composite Score And CAT Percentile Good Enough To Convert IIMs And IITs? - Check Last Year's Data

Now that most of the B-Schools have released the admit shortlists, you should have a clear idea as to your chances of making the final cut. This article covers information

Crack CAT 2023 With InsideIIM's Essential Resource List

The CAT test is one of the most prominent exams for those seeking a Master's degree in management or business administration. The Standardized Admission Examination is a common aptitude test

6 Crucial Things To Remember On The C-Day: CAT 2022

So the moment of truth, the "D-Day" is finally here! It's probably one of the most important days of such an unusual year. A lot of you must have struggled

What To Do Two Days Before CAT? - Ankita Goomer, IIM L

A boy totally perplexed about what to do in his life thought that doing MBA was the right thing for him and decided to prepare for CAT along with his

Learn From The Mistakes Of CAT Toppers

Mistakes are our best teachers. Now that you are in the last phase, make sure you go through your past mistakes, keep them in mind and tend not to repeat

Gate To Enter 9 IIMs - IIM CAP Interview Experiences

After a great response from MBA aspirants and many requests to share the IIM CAP 2020 interview experience, I asked my friends to share their experiences, who either converted or

Guidelines To Draft An ATS-Friendly Resume

An applicant tracking system, or ATS for short, is a form of software used by recruiters and employers to gather, filter, scan, and rate job applications for vacant jobs throughout