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Interview Experience 2021

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Best Resources To Standout In Your FMS Interview

The Marketing campus of the country aka Faculty of Management Studies certainly shares the pride of being the most coveted college in the country. FMS Delhi soars high in the

NITIE Mumbai Past Year's Interview Experience 2021, Dhruvin Desai

After being through a plethora of B-School interviews, the fretting before the interview gradually starts to fade away. It's like just another day, only with an interview in it. But

What Do Panelists Ask During MBA Admission Interviews?

What do panelists ask during the MBA Admission interviews? Is there a set pattern? Is it based on your profile or are only hot topics asked? In the third part

FMS Interview Experience - 2021, Aditya Mutha

Which is your Current B-School?

FMS Interview Experience - 2021, Kaustubh Chandel

Two panelists - P1 (male) & P2 (female)