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Why Holding IPL During A Pandemic Was Necessary | Dekoded Ep 5

IPL 2020 is about to kick-off in a few hours. The cricketing extravaganza that has for years worked as a massive crowd puller, would be held in UAE this time,

How To Build A Career In Sports Ft Srinivvasan G, CEO, Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Ex Nike

Dreaming of a career in sports? Contrary to popular belief, a career in sports doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘sportsperson’. There are several lucrative roles in the field of sports

If IPL Teams Were IIM Students

It is the month of April and the IPL is back with a bang. Will CSK win it again this time or will Delhi Capitals spring a surprise? Doesn’t matter;

How Does IPL Influence What You Buy ?

IPL, ISL, PBL, PKL, IPTL, PWL and add to the mix UTT. What are these acronyms that have been laid bare? What is the common factor between them? Why is

Teaching Management: SIBM Pune Shows The Way

World renowned Management Guru Mr. Shrikant Datar, through his book, suggests a curriculum review and stresses on 'doing' things rather than 'knowing' them as a means to achieve success in management. SIBM