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45 Non Fiction Bestsellers To Read In The COVID-19 Lockdown

Extended lock-downs. Delayed college admits. Delayed jobs. Deferred internships and PPOs . The situation looks pretty bleak thanks to COVID 19. The coronavirus has ensured that our lives are in

5 Book Recommendations For Aspiring HR Managers

A company or an organisation is only as good as the employees that work in it. And you as HR Managers or to be HR Managers, will be responsible for

Which ESBI Type Are You? - Insights From The Robert Kiyosaki Theory - Author Of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Many of us would have heard of the best-selling book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' , but only a few of us know about the cash flow quadrant theory, proposed by

Must Read Business Books

Competition around is killing and it has really become very challenging to carve a place in the real business world. One of the key factors which can help you create

Actors, a Lawyer, a Journalist, and a Management Pioneer - Books I read on my Kindle - From IIM Indore Director's Desk

We have accumulated hundreds of books over the years. Keeping them dust-free has always been a problem. And, shifting them a major challenge. Luckily, we didn’t move for several years

Lessons in Management From my Favourite Books

These days I have been struggling to find topics to write on, but this great itch in my hand urges me to write, still. So, to scratch the itch, i.e.