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Life AT IMT Ghaziabad

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Life At IMT Ghaziabad - Interact With IMT Students And Ask Your Questions | Live Webinar

Wondering how your life at IMT would be like? Want to know how the entire b-school experience helps you in your holistic development? We all know curiosity killed the cat,

Onam Celebration 2018 at IMT Ghaziabad | Celebrating Cultural Diversity in a B-school

Geographically located in the northern part of the country, IMT Ghaziabad is a B-school that provides a culturally diverse outlook for its students. Making it feel like home for the

From A 720 GMAT Score To IMT Ghaziabad

For MBA aspirants, one of the most sought after institutes for pursuing management education is IMT Ghaziabad - an institute with a rich legacy of almost 4 decades, featuring amongst

From France To Ghaziabad | Student Exchange Experience At IMT Ghaziabad

A student exchange can be an enlightening, enchanting and exhilarating experience. For Orianne, Paul, and Pauline - students at NEOMA Business School in France - a trip to a diverse

Diversity In A B-School - Why It Matters | Humans of IMT Ghaziabad

B-schools are often looked at as places brimming with Engineers and boring lectures.

6 Life-Lessons That MBA Taught Me

I recently graduated from IMT-G, with Marketing as my majors. In the classes and through projects I learned about theoretical and practical concepts pertaining to the area of business management.

How To Make The Most Out Of First Few Months In MBA

June-July are the months when action begins in b-schools. Thousands of eyes filled with dreams and bank account debited heavily (barring a few) steps in to campuses. Welcomed with ‘Personality