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Love At B-School | A Valentine's Day Compilation

Happy Valentine's people! Love is in the air, and also in the b schools. Valentine’s Day might be a consumerist scheme to drain your wallets of your hard-earned money, but

IIM Tag Matters Only In The First Few Years Of Your Career - Harshil & Anusha, Flipkart & IIM Alumni - Part 3

In this video featuring Harshil Adesara and Anusha Jayanti, both PMs at Flipkart, get answers to your common questions about product management.

A Letter To My B-School Lover

This one is a story of from one of the topmost b-schools based in Mumbai, and while such stories may be true on any campus, but I want to share

How To Ask Your Crush Out At A B-School - A Dummy's Guide

Greetings, lovebirds! The movie 2-States has given us a fair insight into how love reigns the B-School air. An MBA is the last time you would ever meet so many

On The Girl Of My Dreams And My Dream College - Nishant Kumar, IIM Bangalore

If I tell you that you can still have her, would you start looking for her? Will you tell her that you missed her all this time? Would you confess

Maybe - A Love Story From Campus

It had been a long day at office. These late night board meetings were becoming a regular thing. It was pouring, and all he could think about, was the teleconference

A Midnight Walk - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This story is part 2 of the previous story, which you can read here. I request you to read it first to make sense of the sequence of events)