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IIM Tag Matters Only In The First Few Years Of Your Career - Harshil & Anusha, Flipkart & IIM Alumni - Part 3

In this video featuring Harshil Adesara and Anusha Jayanti, both PMs at Flipkart, get answers to your common questions about product management.Harshil Adesara, Senior Product Manager at Flipkart, Ex Intuit,

A Letter To My B-School Lover

This one is a story of from one of the topmost b-schools based in Mumbai, and while such stories may be true on any campus, but I want to share

How To Ask Your Crush Out At A B-School - A Dummy's Guide

Greetings, lovebirds! The movie 2-States has given us a fair insight into how love reigns the B-School air. An MBA is the last time you would ever meet so many

An Ode To Funny Nicknames

Gullan! Gullan!My mother bellowed at the top of her voice in my direction at my cousin sister’s wedding.I froze as the pretty sisters of the groom standing in front of

On The Girl Of My Dreams And My Dream College - Nishant Kumar, IIM Bangalore

If I tell you that you can still have her, would you start looking for her? Will you tell her that you missed her all this time? Would you confess

Maybe - A Love Story From Campus

It had been a long day at office. These late night board meetings were becoming a regular thing. It was pouring, and all he could think about, was the teleconference

A Midnight Walk - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This story is part 2 of the previous story, which you can read here. I request you to read it first to make sense of the sequence of events)Thump, Thump.The

Long Distance Relationship In The Time Of An MBA - Her Story - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This is an extension of the first part: (Love lasts forever), so please read it before you proceed.)“What work do you have in this place-comm thing? What makes you spend