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Maggi To Have A New Competitor | Business News At A Glance Ep. 24

Today’s news bulletin is an interesting mix of hope and disappointment. We discuss Marico’s plan to launch instant noodles - and our beloved Maggi getting more competition. We also discuss

'From 2 Minutes Noodles To 2 Minutes For Education' - Strategy With RS

Maggi 2 - Minutes Noodle, till recently was the largest selling & arguably the most loved brand of noodle in India.

Nestle : Case of Bad Rumour Management - Views From Prabhakar

The funny thing about rumours is that there are 2 kinds, as we all know from our personal experiences.  When a rumour starts you don't know if it is true

Lipton : A Lesson in Rumour Management - Views From Prabhakar

Earlier this month a mis-informed consumer  threatened to damage the 125 year reputation of Lipton, when she claimed to have found worms in Lipton Lemon Green Tea bags and then

12 Business Stories From 2015 And How They Will Play Out In 2016 - Strategy With RS

Business strategist Rajesh Srivastava analyses the secret behind the success of Baba Ramdev's Patanjali, the rise of Kabaddi, Uber's strategy, Maggi Noodles' comeback, Google and Facebook's drive to control last-mile