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A Compilation Of Management Trainee Programs 2019 - Part 1

Management Trainee programs are by far the most tailor-made jobs, especially for MBA freshers. There might be quite a few companies on campus which offer MT roles, but naturally, the

The Great Villainous Leaders Of TV And Film

On-screen villains are meant to be despised, but to mobilize the forces of evil, the baddies quite often need to be effective managers to their minions. Some of the most

Spirituality In Management

India is a country rich in heritage and diversity, the ancient Indus valley civilization is an example where culture and tradition unearthed talent for the betterment of the society. The

Everyday Life Management - A Homemaker's Perspective!

In layman terms, Management means taking control of any activity and ensuring that it gets completed successfully. Managing is a never-ending cycle; it starts right from the time one wakes

Philosophy And MBA

A book on philosophy led me to few google searches. This is its after-effect… Philosophy begins in wonder!

Battling The Sea Of Confusion - To Do Or Not Do An MBA?

Somebody rightly said that in India, We become Engineers first then decide our careers later. The phrase ‘What Next?’ being used very prominently as we draw to a close to

How To Organise A Guest Lecture

It's what every B-school does, and they can teach each other some great practices. After being at 7 different B-schools, here are some tips that I found them doing exceptionally

Personal Branding Lessons from a Construction Worker

We often tend to look up for inspiration. When I say up, it's at people who have already 'established' themselves, older people, successful people, wiser people. Well, sometimes, we just