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Five Management Lessons From ICC World Cup 2019 Final

We live in a country where the child learns the rules of cricket before learning the alphabets. While our dream ended with India’s exit from the world cup, cricket had

Three Important Management Lessons You Can Learn From Harry Potter

Unlike the popular opinion held by adults (and by adults I mean mostly my parents), Harry Potter is not just a children’s fantasy book. Just like we gradually grow older

6 Lessons From F.R.I.E.N.D.S Characters For All MBA Aspirants

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - The TV series that has us all laughing hard, no matter how many number of times we have already watched it. The iconic group of six taught us

What I Learnt From Organising 2 Editions Of Manfest-Varchasva

It was the perfect birthday gift – getting into Manfest-Varchasva Core Team on my 21st birthday seemed like the best gift I could have asked for. Close to 10 days

5 Management Lessons From Group Projects At A B-School

The word “learning” has different a connotation for different people. Most leading b-schools have this concept of “peer-learning”, both formally and informally. And to incorporate that in the pedagogy, group

4 Management Lessons To Learn From The Student Exchange Program

“A ship is always safe on the shore but is not built for it.”, quoted by I don’t know whom but makes lots and lots of sense to me and

4 Management Lessons From The Ganapati Pandals In Maharashtra

Disclaimer: The author does not intend to insult, wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s) or class or community through this article.

5 Business Lessons From A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Business lessons are not always learnt in a work environment. Sometimes you learn valuable lessons when you are in places that have nothing to do with your business or work.