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How To Make The Most Of Your MBA | MBA Achievers

Are you an MBA student? Are you an aspirant? Do you know how you’re going to go about your career? In this video, we spoke to some students of SIMSR,

Globing The Globe - 10 Definitions To Survive Business School

Survival in any B-school depends upon “understanding” the core value of the management. And in the core of all business schools lies a central idea of “globe”.

College, Clubs And Committees: Co-Curriculars At A B-School

Life in a B-School is a steady mix of academics, internships, corporate interactions, case study competitions, and extracurricular activities, and all students are engaged in some of these (if not

Nine Must-Watch Videos For All MBA Aspirants And B-School Students In 2019

At InsideIIM, we strive to bring to you content that is not just highly insightful but also takes you behind-the-scenes of what an MBA entails. It is only through experiences

Your Survival Guide To The First Week At An Indian B-School!

With June coming to an end, most business schools in India have welcomed a new group of starry-eyed first years. Carrying with them a ton of anxiety and many expectations,

How Learning A Foreign Language Can Boost Your MBA Career

Learning a language has more to it than simply adding up a single CV pointer. It is rare to find foreign language speakers in India, and this renders it as

How To Survive In A B-School - The MBA Survival Kit

After all those hours of studies, balancing work and preparation, taking multiple tough national-level exams, and surviving intense grilling by the interview panel, you've finally made it! The feeling of

How To Survive The Second Year At A B-School - Key Tips From An IIM Bangalore Alumnus

"Hey Siri, read my notifications." I was just easing in my apartment, as I commanded my newly enslaved voice assistant to serve me (and this sounds so creepy)!