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B-School Starter Kit - All You Need To Know Before Starting Your MBA

Here is the ultimate starter-kit to prepare you for your 2-year MBA journey - from what to buy before you join your campus to the top book recommendations by B-school

'Not Just'​ Another Article On MBA !

It’s been exactly a month since I gave the final exam of my MBA (unofficial completion of MBA.) As the admission season picks pace, the topics discussion like ‘Is MBA

Start B-School On The Right Note | YOBOLive - Free, Live Webinar Series

Did you make it to your dream b-school this year? Did you convert a call and are awaiting the beginning of term 2020? If you answered yes, we've got a

8 Winning Traits That You Inculcate In A B-School

Whether it’s about competing in the sports arena or in the corporate world or even in academics the core fundamentals of winning are the same. To make sure the success

From Preparing For MBA Entrance To Getting A Job- The Real Journey

Chapter 1- The Undergrad ChillMy journey for MBA started from my 4th year of undergrad (B-tech, EEE). It was that time of the year when all the 'so-called' engineers were

How To Make The Most Of Your MBA | MBA Achievers

Are you an MBA student? Are you an aspirant? Do you know how you’re going to go about your career? In this video, we spoke to some students of SIMSR,

Globing The Globe - 10 Definitions To Survive Business School

Survival in any B-school depends upon “understanding” the core value of the management. And in the core of all business schools lies a central idea of “globe”.

College, Clubs And Committees: Co-Curriculars At A B-School

Life in a B-School is a steady mix of academics, internships, corporate interactions, case study competitions, and extracurricular activities, and all students are engaged in some of these (if not