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How Learning A Foreign Language Can Boost Your MBA Career

Learning a language has more to it than simply adding up a single CV pointer. It is rare to find foreign language speakers in India, and this renders it as

How To Survive In A B-School - The MBA Survival Kit

After all those hours of studies, balancing work and preparation, taking multiple tough national-level exams, and surviving intense grilling by the interview panel, you've finally made it! The feeling of

How To Survive The Second Year At A B-School - Key Tips From An IIM Bangalore Alumnus

"Hey Siri, read my notifications." I was just easing in my apartment, as I commanded my newly enslaved voice assistant to serve me (and this sounds so creepy)!

A Letter From An IIM Student To The Incoming First Year IIM Students

As you settle through the first fortnight, you already feel like part of flow much mightier than you. There is plenty to do and very less time. Classes, Group Meetings,

B-School Starter Kit - All You Need To Know Before Starting Your MBA

Here is the ultimate starter-kit to prepare you for your 2-year MBA journey - from what to buy before you join your campus to the top book recommendations by B-school

35 Truths About Life At Indian B-Schools | B-School Students & Alumni Speak

Over the years, we have received numerous stories of MBA students sharing sneak peeks of the good, bad and the ugly of their B-school lives. While thousands of stories exist

Many Important Things You Learn in Business School Aren’t Taught in Class

MBA programs usually pack a hefty chunk of learning into two years; the pace and volume are intense. Like any formal education, many of the most important lessons aren’t from

The Importance of Frameworks In Real-World Scenarios

The very first time that I encountered a framework I felt my soul rebel.  It seemed such an artificial construct designed to contain and constrain my creativity.  But as time