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Educational Loans To Fund Your MBA

You're all set to get into b- school. Just a couple months to go, before lectures start in earnest. Many of you have preparatory courses to help you along. You're

How I Went Against Societal Norms To Get Into A B-School | Talat Khanam |

Belonging to a family, living in a conservative Muslim community, Talat Khanam was told to hide behind Burqa from her childhood. Pursuing higher education to achieve her dreams was a

Why Do MBA Students Feel They Lack Time? | Lessons On Mindfulness | TISS

We all know how hectic B-school life can get. With pilling assignments, long and strenuous lectures, never-ending projects and pressure to get a good placement offer, multitasking gets embroiled in

How I got into Colgate Palmolive | TISS Mumbai

Arnaz Kaur Ghumman got into TISS to pursue her Master's degree in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations. Interested in management and organizing people on different occasions for different end-goals,

Wonderwall by IIM Indore band Harmon-I | Oasis

IIM Indore band Harmon-I had a secret stored for us when we told them to play an alternative indie rock for us. Guess what they went with! Yes, The Oasis.

Why HR? - Prof Sushanta Mishra, IIM Indore

In growing organizations, where processes and new technologies are filling in to ease complex mechanisms and teams are more dynamic, the next generation of HR managers need to be equipped

Band 3.4 From IIM Lucknow - Hotel California - InsideIIM Unwind

What makes a dewy morning at IIM Lucknow even better? A jam session with is IIM Lucknow's in-house band which represents the b-school across festivals and competitions.

Top-Rated Finance Certification Courses For MBA Students

Do you want to land your dream job? Don’t know how to outshine the competition? There is no doubt that having an impressive finance certification on your application document can