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I Was Looking For Champagne, Got A Job With McKinsey Instead Ft. Kaushik S, INSEAD Alum

After scoring a 730 in GMAT, Kaushik moved onto the next stage, which was the selection process. To identify which b schools he would be a good fit in, he

How To Crack McKinsey Internship Interview Like A Pro

It's that time again. Internship placement season has arrived! In order to assist you in the best way possible, InsideIIM/ Konversations brings you a new free LIVE webinar series with

The Ultimate Guide To Get Into McKinsey & Co

IIM Lucknow management students Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain have converted one of the most sought-after job offers at any B-School. Join us in this 6-part series, where they talk

My Very Own McKinsey Summer Internship Experience - Abhishek Ghosh - IIM Bangalore

 Two days of orientation completed at one of the most renowned, yet mystical firms in the world. We were taught everything, from the much-celebrated McKinsey way of problem-solving (MECE anyone?!),

"Be Nimble In Thought And Action" - Dr. K Ganesh Knowledge Expert, McKinsey & Company | MYRA CXO talk

MYRA IndusTree: CXO Power Talk (21) by Dr. K Ganesh Knowledge Expert and head of the SCM centre of competence, McKinsey & Company

McKinsey at IIM Lucknow – Summer Internship Interview Experiences - Chapter 2

Today, we bring to you the summer internship selection process experience of Utsav Kumar, Class 2015-2017, IIM Lucknow. He did his summer internship with McKinsey. He shares his interview process

A Two-month Consulting 'Deep Dive' - McKinsey & Company - Bhavesh From IIM Bangalore

Back in 2010, during my undergraduate days, I got to know about this firm called McKinsey & Company. Some of the most inspiring seniors in my college had joined it.

Is The Demographic Profile Of India An Opportunity Or Threat

What answers would you expect to the question – what would define the next few years of the quicksilver world landscape? The Chinese would probably bet on their recent devaluation