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Motivation For CAT 2023 Aspirants - Winning with Consistency

Sports are often a source of inspiration for people in various walks of life. A lot of important life lessons such as teamwork, learning from and accepting defeat, patience and

20 Stories You Should Read Today To Boost Your Motivation For CAT 2022

From scoring 39 percentile in your first CAT attempt to someone who almost ended her life, we have received some of the most poignant and inspirational stories of aspirants who

I Screwed Up CAT, But One Great Piece of Advice Helped Me Crack XAT, NMAT, SNAP

The struggle in the management entrance exams is real because of the cutthroat competition, but chill, you just need one seat. I personally believe the battle for a seat in

10 Motivational Stories To Get You Mentally Ready For MBA Entrance Exams

From toiling through multiple CAT attempts, persevering through multiple failures and not settling down on the lowest hanging school, aspirants go through a whole lot of struggle to land a

Preventing The Burn Out From CAT'21 Preparation

Every year, more than 2 lac applicants attempt the CAT in order to pursue their dream of attending a prestigious B-School in India. Each year, the number of candidates, the

What made this Professional Shooter, Sailor, and Poet choose a B-school Degree? Ft. FORE Students

B-schools are male-dominated spaces where most engineers make the cut! This is a popular perception when it comes to B-school education in India. To counter that narrative, we have three

How A Student With 6/6/4/6 Profile Made It To IIM K And Consulting

I have come across many interesting profiles during my MBA. However, this has to be one of the most unique people I have met. 2 MBAs (5 years apart) –

How To Deal With The Negative Emotions Before CAT 2020 | Nikhil Singh, FMS '22

There is always a divided opinion as to how should one best utilise time this close to the exam. The stress of approaching exam is further made miserable by the