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How A Student With 6/6/4/6 Profile Made It To IIM K And Consulting

I have come across many interesting profiles during my MBA. However, this has to be one of the most unique people I have met. 2 MBAs (5 years apart) –

20 Stories You Should Read Today To Boost Your Motivation For CAT 2020

From scoring 39 percentile in your first CAT attempt to someone who almost ended her life, we have received some of the most poignant and inspirational stories of aspirants who

How To Deal With The Negative Emotions Before CAT 2020 | Nikhil Singh, FMS '22

There is always a divided opinion as to how should one best utilise time this close to the exam. The stress of approaching exam is further made miserable by the

Making Choices - All I want Is... Everything || Episode 5

Episode 5: Making Choices - All I want Is... Everything

Power Of Self-Belief, Hard Work & Positivity | AMA With Ankit Doshi

How many times have you dreamt of something beautiful and shrugged it off nonchalantly because it’s too far-fetched? How many times have you tripped in your career, got up and

Building on Strengths vs Worrying About Weaknesses | Episode 2

I am Ankit Doshi, Creator of InsideIIM, and I welcome you to the second episode of a brand new program called Growth Stories with Ankit Doshi. This is a 30 Day Program where