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5 Compelling Reasons to Take MBA Summer Placements Seriously

Summer isn’t just for vacation; it also includes a plethora of activities centered on MBA summer placements for you, as a student in b-school. It turns out to be a

How To Prepare For Your Final Placements? - Samarth Mehta, IIM Kozhikode'21

A question that I have been getting a lot of late is what I should be doing for the Finals process. A fair enough concern that people might be having

How To Prepare For GenMan Roles

There are some who are Jacks of a single trade and specialise in that and then there are some who are jack of many trades and masters of none. Well,

How To Prepare For E-Commerce Roles In Summers

The internet bubble burst in the early 2000s but the ripple of the same is being felt by us as of today. How would one ask? E-Commerce. E-Commerce is the

Things To Keep In Mind When Applying For Firms In Summers

With the Summer Placements drive around the corner, almost the majority of the students have butterflies in their stomachs. Which firms to apply to, which roles should I apply to.

Acing Consulting Interviews: The Complete Guide

If you're looking for a consulting job, you already know which form of an interview to expect: a case interview. A case interview is a type of interview in which

How To Prepare For A Consulting Profile In A B-School

One of the most used phrases in a B-School set-up that has everyone’s attention and eyes rolling is Consulting. Every second person entering into a B-School, if asked which their

How To Solve Guesstimate Questions In Your Interviews - InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

Guesstimates – Ideally an alien word for majority of students trying to enter the B-School world.One would stop and ask, what exactly is a guesstimate?