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The Future of Work with Generative AI: Is Your Job Safe?, Ft. Dr. Jayatu C, Ex American Express

In this video, we spoke to Dr. Jayatu Sen Chaudhury, who has worked with American Express in the past and has corporate experience of over two and half decades.

Cracking M&A Deals As An Investment Banker Can Be Demanding, Ft. Prof. Leonardo Etro

You must have wondered what is so fascinating about Mergers and Acquisitions after all? Whether it is the Elon Musk - Twitter deal, Facebook buying Instagram, Tatas acquiring Jaguar, or

Can India's First CXO Led B-School Increase Employability? Ft. Mr. Arun Malhotra, Masters' Union

What are the skills required to be one of the most employable candidates in the industry? How can you go about building your expertise? In a sea of MBA graduates,

How B-Schools Are Now Pandemic-Proof Ft. MDIM

Business Schools this year faced an extremely tough challenge like any other industry. Whether it was successfully onboarding the batch of 2022, or to help the existing 2021 batch with

What Do Top B-Schools Look For In Candidates? | In Konversation With Prof. Aditya Jadhav, TAPMI

The B-School admission process has gone through an inevitable transformation in the current time. A global pandemic and the emergence of everything virtual in the year 2020 has left a

Most Marketing Folks Have The Wrong Notion About Marketing Ft. Dr. YLR Moorthi, IIM B | Part 1

Marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are someone who’s acquired a taste for brands, marketing, and sales, then this video is certainly for you! In this video,