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How Can You Completely Change Your Career Profile In A B-School

So, you slogged through torturous graduation years to land up on the much-needed job and had a moment of contentment. Soon enough, you start slogging through the office as well

A Comprehensive List Of Resources To Build Your Profile

Whenever it comes about preparing for CAT and B-School interviews, there are myriad things to worry about, isn’t it? One of the biggest things is how to compensate for poor

5 Ultimate Steps To Help You Get Into Your B-School

Planning to do an MBA is one thing, figuring out your dream b-schools and identifying the steps that may lead to your b-school is different. As an aspirant, you may

Cover Up For Low Acads And Build A Star Profile - Tips From A 5 Pointer

So, you were relaxing and chilling in your undergraduate degree and ended up with low academics and those Purane Paap (Old Sins) won't stop haunting you? Well, you are not

Life In Lockdown, MBA After A Pandemic | Ft. Nishant Naik, IIM Shillong

It is not news that the entire world is grappling with one of the deadlier pandemics of the last few decades. Nations across the globe are imposing near-complete lockdowns, and

6 Things You Can Do Before Your B-school | Ft. Ankit Gupta, IIM Lucknow

As I write this article, a lot of us are sitting in our cozy abodes, wishing for the pandemic -  CORONA, to end.

6 Things You Must Do Before Joining Your MBA Program

A year of preparation, followed by a series of competitive exams and two months of GD-PI round has finally led you to your dream MBA college. This was one hell

6 Ways To Build Your Profile During Coronavirus Lockdown

From top b-schools to the best companies, everyone looks for a candidate who has a good profile. A great profile not only gives you an edge over other candidates but