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CAT 2024 Preparation Plan: April-May Insights from a Two-Time 99.9+ Percentiler

As CAT 2024 approaches, aspiring MBA candidates embark on a journey filled with anticipation and apprehension. In this whirlwind, the advice of seasoned CAT topper Pallav Goyal, currently studying at

CAT 2023: Last 20 Days Strategy for Quant, DI & LR, and RC & VA Sections

This is the time to streamline everything that you have learned throughout your preparation and make it ready for D-day. Even if you have not prepared for it properly, you

5 Simple Strategies to Master in CAT's Data Interpretation Section

CAT's Data Interpretation (DI) section might seem like a tricky puzzle but think of it as a fun challenge to solve. Imagine you're a detective solving a mystery – the

InsideIIM's Comprehensive Quant Formula Cheat Sheet For MBA Entrance Exams

QA has been a daunting section for many CAT aspirants over the years, especially non-engineers. With so many topics and sub-topics, it becomes difficult to remember all the formulas. Having

CAT 2021's Quant Section - Analysing Past Years' CAT Papers - Practice Is The Key

Analysis of Quantitative Aptitude for CATQuantitative Aptitude section was my forte. Though I was good at quant, many of my friends struggled in this section. To help them, I drafted

How I Aced Quant Section In Every Entrance Exam I Jatin Jhamb

Attention! CAT 2020 Aspirants. Do you want a quant strategy that not only serves CAT but other exams like SNAP, NMAT, XAT, etc.?

It Took 30 Mock Tests To Find The Right CAT Strategy Ft. Tanuj Ruia, CA, IIM B, 99.69%iler

Tanuj Ruia wrote the CAT in 2017 and scored 97.7%ile. But he was not satisfied. He wanted to get a call from one of the legacy IIMs. Which is why

How To Score 99%ile In Quant - 5 Best Strategies

Quant is not everyone’s ball-game. You need to be a problem solver and a pro at mathematics to be able to solve QA questions. However, some of us have a