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How I Aced CAT 2019 QA After A Failed Attempt In CAT 2017 | Anushka Singh

No, this is not a clickbait. I truly went from a 30’s something percentile in quant section in CAT 2017 to a 97 percentile in CAT 2019. Now before you

5 Pro Tips To Bag 99+ Percentile In Quantitative Ability In CAT

Quantitative Ability can be game-changer for Engineers, but might be a nightmare for others. This section requires the most theoretical preparation, compared to other sections. Hence, it makes all the

How To Score 99%ile In Quant - 5 Best Strategies

Quant is not everyone’s ball-game. You need to be a problem solver and a pro at mathematics to be able to solve QA questions. However, some of us have a

CAT 2020: Nailing QA - A Game Of Probabilities

In all my previous articles, you must have come across some repeated terms - understand the exam pattern, know your strong areas and work on the weak, convert hard work

A Non-Engineer's Journey From 48%ile To 97%ile In QA

It takes just one thought and your motivation to reach that goal. I had this Quant phobia as I am from a BBA  and non-maths background. In 2018, I prepared

QA Sectional Test 2 | InsideIIM's CAT 2020 Weekly Tests

In today's sectional test, we bring to you the second Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Sectional Test as a part of InsideIIM's CAT 2020 Weekly Tests. There are 34 questions in this

Most Important Topics For CAT 2020's Quant Section - Analysing Past Years' CAT Papers

The Quantitative Ability (QA) section of the CAT exam is one that many test-takers have struggled with in the past; engineers and non-engineers alike. For some non-engineers this section is