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The Real Life MBA - Ice 'n' Rolls - Food Spot For Everyone

Mumbai, a medley of distinct cultures and an epitome of cosmopolitanism is also a haven for gourmets. The city houses some of the best restaurants in the country but what

The Real Life MBA - ELCO Paani Puri Centre - The Man Who Sold His Paani Puri

A mass migration was witnessed in human history in 1947. The partition of India saw many wealthy merchants from Pakistan being displaced to India through the Gulf of Kutch. Overnight, these

The Real Life MBA - K. Rustom's Ice Cream Parlour - The Unscheduled Halt For Ice Cream

Ice Creams and Ice Cream Parlours have been an all-generation favourite for decades and decades. Our very own Aamchi Mumbai has seen the evolution of stand-alone ice cream parlours to

The Real Life MBA - Britannia Cafe - Nostalgia On A Plate

In the early 1900s, commerce in the city of Mumbai was dominated by Gujarati and Parsi traders. The shops which were located on the corners of lanes weren't preferred by

The Real Life MBA - Theobroma - Making Dough From Dessert

Team InsideIIM brings to you a new series called ‘The Real Life MBA’. There are so many successful entrepreneurs unheard of from whom we all can learn a few principles

The Real Life MBA - How Matunga's famous South Indian restaurant, Cafe Madras is run

The Real Life MBA is a series that we have launched in an endeavour to enable students to get a real life exposure about the technicalities and practicalities of running