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How This Engineer Turned His Passion For Cricket Into A Career

Graduation degrees in India are often pointless. Many of us are unsure after our graduation on what to do next. Our parents can't help us at this point because most

From Being A Consultant At McKinsey To Being CEO At Sportz Interactive, Ft. Arvind Iyenger, Ex ESPN

Imagine getting a hefty pay package as a consultant at McKinsey and then deciding to join one of the major sporting channels ESPN at almost a 80% pay cut! That's

From Playing Tennis Internationally To Managing Sports | Mustafa Ghouse, CEO, JSW Sports

Imagine playing Tennis at an international level when you’re only 22. Imagine having a decade long professional tennis career, and then moving on to becoming a sports manager at one

How To Build A Career In Sports Ft Srinivvasan G, CEO, Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Ex Nike

Dreaming of a career in sports? Contrary to popular belief, a career in sports doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘sportsperson’. There are several lucrative roles in the field of sports