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Why An MBA From Hong Kong & CUHK Makes Sense

Asia has rapidly become one of the top locations for students to pursue an MBA. The continent is home to some of the world’s leading business schools that offer world-class

MBA: India or Abroad? Career Growth, ROI, Culture Shock & More, Ft. CUHK

Whether to go for your MBA abroad is probably a question that comes to the mind of many after the CAT results are out. And rightly so, because an MBA

What The Job Market In Asia Demands | And How You Can Build A Successful Career Ft. Chris Y., Head, MBA Career & Alumni Development At HKUST

While many of us focus on getting a good job—one that gives us the work, position, and pays that we find satisfying—we often miss out on the bigger picture -

This MBA Program Allows You To Study In The US Without Cracking TOEFL, GRE or GMAT

If you always had the dream of studying in the US, but cracking exams like TOEFL, GRE or GMAT seemed an uphill task, let’s talk about a program that will

Planning To Study Or Work Abroad? Know Which Country Is Best For You

Every other engineer (or everyone else, really!) who you speak to today mentions a far-fetched aspiration of moving to Canada or Germany. And why not! With a better lifestyle and

Best MBA Scholarships For Indian Students- How To Get Them | RoI Of MBA By Jennifer, Ep 4

An MBA is not just a degree but a dream for millions of students which many a time remains unfulfilled due to the high expenses coming at its cost. This

How Studying Abroad Has Changed Forever For Indian Students | Dekoded

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we perceive travel and with multiple waves registered in different countries in different time frames, it has become increasingly difficult for students to

Is Studying Abroad The Right Decision Amidst Another Lockdown Scare?

India is going through a tumultuous period thanks to the pandemic that started disrupting the normal daily life of millions worldwide. Just when it seemed the surge is under control,