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Summer Internships

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Five Things To Do After Your Summer Placements

Summer placements often tend to be a case of an educated guess, but a guess all the same. I say this because of the haste with which we make decisions

Summer Internship Diaries 2019-2021

Purwal MahadikSummer Intern, AB InBev

Summer Internship Experience In The Real Estate Sector

The Real Estate sector is the most globally recognized sector and the second-largest employer after Agriculture. It comprises of four sub-sectors - Housing, Retail, Hospitality, and Commercial. With the growth

Journey Of My Summer Internship At "HSBC"

It's often said "Make hay while the sun shines" and it was certainly a bright Thursday morning on the day of Recruitment when HSBC stepped in the campus and I

How To Prep For GDs & PIs During Summer Placements | Summer Internship Prep

The most common methods used by companies when shortlisting candidates for summer internship interviews? GDs and/ or PIs. Do you know the science of cracking these interviews and discussions with

From XIMB To Xiaomi - Shibani Mishra's Summer Internship Journey

Internships are hard work. And doing only what’s expected of you isn’t enough to be noticed. You need to go above and beyond, from arriving on time to doing exemplary

Working On A Revolution In Healthcare Industry - Marketing Internship At Becton Dickinson

"The corporate world is a battlefield that does not care where you came from; if you win, you are rewarded"

The Two Step Summer Internship Prep Guide | Summer Internship Prep Made Easy

It’s that time of the year again. Summer placement interviews are upon you. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you started b-school? And now you’re thrown into the deep