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How to Prepare for Verbal Ability Section in CAT Exam: Understanding Different Question Types

The CAT exam is like a key to getting into top management programs in India. In this exam, there is a tricky part called the Verbal Ability (VARC) section. This

Last-Mile VA-RC Tips And Strategies || AMA With Aishwarya Nair, IIM B '22

CAT is around the corner and with just a few weeks to go, you must be worried about the final prep. The pressure to perform remains immense during this time

5 Articles You Must Read To Ace The VA-RC Section In CAT 2020 | Ft. Amrita Mishra, IIM C

VARC is one of the most scoring section. But most scoring is not equivalent to being the easiest. A lot of people struggle with this section because of Reding Comprehensions

How I Worked On Improving VARC | Tips By Ankit Gupta, IIM L

Take it from me - if you are not good at VARC, you will have to put in a lot of effort to get through it. Effort?? Umm might both

Extensive Guide To Prepare For VARC Section | Tips By Dilsad Ali, IIM Bangalore

Here is the pen picture of the intended reader- A person who did schooling in vernacular medium, haven't read more than 5 English books in addition to curriculum books and

Step By Step Guide To Scoring 99+ Percentile In VARC Section

VARC is a section which gives nightmares to many CAT aspirants. A low score can drive down your percentile. The sectional cut-off can also become problematic. It can however also

How I Took My Score From 70 Percentile To 99 Percentile In The VA-RC Section of CAT

To begin with, I have not been a reader for most of my life so far. I only started reading after I saw the results of my first attempt and