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IIM K's WAT-PI Process - Interview Experience, Rishabh Singh (IIM-K 2019-21)

It was a cold winter morning in Delhi. I was looking out of the window of the rented car that I had booked to Radisson, Dwarka. The place where my

The Iran and US conflict explained | Learn Everything About The Possible GD-WAT Topic

MBA admissions are serious business. After intense entrance exams come - GD-PI-WAT, where they go two steps ahead in testing a candidate’s personality, knowledge, mental ability, and more. GD-WAT topics

Opting Out Of RCEP - Does India Need To Rethink Its Decision? [2/2]

This is the 2nd article on RCEP. If you haven't read the first one, please go through it here.

Shortlisted By A Symbiosis MBA Institute? Here's The Ultimate GD-PI-WAT Guide You Need

When we talk about top b-schools, Symbiosis is in everyone’s top fifteen or even top ten priority list. However, getting into these institutes is not easy, owing primarily to their

Unilever And InsideIIM Can Help You Crack Your MBA Interviews At Zero Cost - Here's How

Received a shortlist call from your target business school(s)? Excellent! Now what? If you're planning to head on straight to a coaching center, pay a good sum of money and

65 Topics To Help You Crack The WAT Round

WAT checks a candidate’s ability to put their thought coherently and logically. Here one important thing is that if you try to put many thought processes in a small essay,

5 Rules Of Thumb To Follow To Crack B-School Interviews

It is that time of the year again when MBA aspirants get their MBA entrance exam results and they start prepping themselves up for the upcoming selection rounds - WAT,

How To Prepare For WAT-GD-PI Round of IIMs | Guidelines From An IIM Lucknow Student

Remember, CAT is a rejection process while the IIM WAT-GD-PI is a selection process.