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BITSoM Dean On Diversity, Work ex Vs Freshers, MBA Stereotypes & More, Ft. Ranjan C, IIM C Alum

It’s that time of the year when a lot of you must be looking for B-school options after your CAT results didn’t go as planned. And there indeed are a

The First Job After B-school Isn’t Going To Define You For Life, Ft. Sidharth S & Kumar S,IMT G Alum

We have all heard about the much-talked-about Alumni meets in B-schools. But, what if we bring them under one roof and document their experience and journey for you to see!

Strategy & Chief Of Staff Roles Decoded | Growth, Experience, Skills Needed Ft. Manan P, ISB Alum

What kind of strategy roles do ISB grads get after their MBA? What kind of a career can you expect in strategy post your MBA? To break down the field

Does Your Pre-MBA Work Ex Affect Your B-School Placement?

If you’re a working professional taking the CAT in hopes of joining a top tier business school and kickstarting a high paying corporate career post that, this video is for

I Became A Product Manager Without Knowing What It Meant Ft. Praveen G Krishnan, The Ken, Ex Myntra

Continuing his talk, Praveen tells us about how he first discovered Product Management. He took up the role at a time where even the company that hired him wasn’t sure

5 Ultimate Steps To Help You Get Into Your B-School

Planning to do an MBA is one thing, figuring out your dream b-schools and identifying the steps that may lead to your b-school is different. As an aspirant, you may

MBA After 4 Years Of Work-experience?

First of all, there is no fixed or right time for anyone to do an MBA. It depends on person to person. There might be someone who has a reason

MBA And High Work Ex | Patience To Placements

Disclaimer: An optimistic experience of a relatively high work experience B-School Student, sleepless first semester nights, summer internship selection maze, ‘Best Intern Award’ and whatnot. Many B-School students might resonate