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I Became A Product Manager Without Knowing What It Meant Ft. Praveen G Krishnan, The Ken, Ex Myntra

Continuing his talk, Praveen tells us about how he first discovered Product Management. He took up the role at a time where even the company that hired him wasn’t sure

5 Ultimate Steps To Help You Get Into Your B-School

Planning to do an MBA is one thing, figuring out your dream b-schools and identifying the steps that may lead to your b-school is different. As an aspirant, you may

MBA After 4 Years Of Work-experience?

First of all, there is no fixed or right time for anyone to do an MBA. It depends on person to person. There might be someone who has a reason

MBA And High Work Ex | Patience To Placements

Disclaimer: An optimistic experience of a relatively high work experience B-School Student, sleepless first semester nights, summer internship selection maze, ‘Best Intern Award’ and whatnot. Many B-School students might resonate

4 Years In The Corporate World That Helped Me Drive My IIM Nagpur Interview

I had completed four years into my corporate journey, and one thing that I was certain of was that it was the last chance to realise my dream of studying

From Office Cubicle To IIM Classroom After 9 Years Of Work-Ex: Story Of A Fashionable Father

Rarely do we come across candidates who thought of pursuing regular MBA after almost nine years of work experience. Not only did he think of doing an MBA but also

Importance Of Work Experience Before An MBA - Sanidh Patil, IIM Udaipur

I am a Computer Engineering Graduate from a respectable institute in India. Like most engineering students, I was placed in an IT firm through the college placement process. On completing

Is Work Experience Necessary Before MBA?

“Learn to work with people you wouldn’t go to lunch with” – a quote by Garry Marshall, famous director, on the best career advice he ever received. Engineer or commerce