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Work Life Balance

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Life As A Consultant At BCG India - Seema Bansal, Director - Social Impact Practice & IIM C Alum

"Who says there is no work-life balance in Consulting?" Seema Bansal, Director At BCG debunks this myth and how!

When You Are High On Work

Have you ever experienced a high while working? Yes, I am talking about you! I have been, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Why shouldn’t I? I am

The Illusion of Happiness

What motivates one for a corporate job? I asked myself introspecting over my years passed in engineering college. Lucrative job, attractive salary, luxurious life and the respect in the society

"Marry someone who is accommodating and aware of the perils of your job" - Interview with Aditi Shukla Tara - Investment Banker

Aditi Shukla Tara has a very candid conversation with Kala Krishnan about investment banking, work-life balance and the recruitment situation in the industry.