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XIM Bhubaneshwar

25 Stories

The MBA ‘Experience’ - XIMB, Arghya Dhingra

It hit me like rock bottom, then lifted me and threw me upwards into the sky. Then tackled me from both sides, squeezing the lungs out of me, making me

What Makes My Campus Unique - XIMB, Ayush Patnaik

After all the chaos and anxiety surrounding which college to get into, I chose to be a part of XIMB. I have heard many stories about its culture, its legacy

Why and How I chose XIMB - Ayush Roy

For every MBA aspirant, approximately nine months from the day CAT registration starts till the time they join the college is very crucial and at the same time it is

Why and How I Chose XIMB - Adrita Chakraborty

“You are next..please come in” – on hearing these words my already loudly hammering heart gave a start and I walked into the interview room.

Why and How I chose My campus - XIMB - Bhawana Mohapatra

There comes a turning point  in everyone’s life which makes them understand their strengths and weakness. Having worked in an IT firm for 2 years, I realized, I have lot

What makes my campus unique - XIMB, Sri Sahithi Tadala

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.