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How To Prepare For HR Summer Placements And Behavioral Questions Asked In Interviews

For the 8th episode of #YOBOLive, we talk about preparing for HR summer placement interviews and the dreaded behavioural questions. What makes an HR role so interesting? What kind of

How To Crack A Product Management Summer Internship Offer

For the 7th episode of YOBOLive, we talk about Product Management roles and placements. What is the selection process for a Product Management role? What are the things you must

How To Crack A Sales And Marketing Summer Placement? | #YOBOLiveS02E05

For the 5th episode of #YOBOLive, we talk about Sales and Marketing. What are the things you must know to get a summer placement offer at a leading consumer goods

How To Crack A Finance Summer Placement Offer | #YOBOLiveS02E04

For the 4th episode of #YOBOLive, we talk about IB and finance. One of the coolest and most sought after domains to work in, Investment Banking and Finance roles are

How To Ace Your Consulting Summer Placement Interviews

In this live session, we will discuss how to prepare for a consulting role during the upcoming Summer Placement season. We will answer questions on what the top consulting firms

How To Make The Ideal CV For Your Summer Placements - Ft. IIM and ISB Alumni

Congratulations to all joining a B-School this year! The first thing your B-School will throw at you will be making a resume for your Summer Placements. Which points should you

How To Ace Your B-School Life - Answered By B-School Alumni | #YOBOLive S02E01

Get a glimpse into b-school life with the second season of our webinar series - #YOBOLive. Connect with students from the top b-schools and find out how to make the

Summer Internships Are Like First Dates. Learn How To Score An Ace!

Getting into a b-school of choice is a dream for most people and when that dream comes true, it is often accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and relief. But