The 7 Diverse Personalities At A B-School

A factor that all b-schools like to boast of is diversity – diversity of background, experience and gender. But, there’s another diversity that exists – personalities. Although every individual is different, there are 7 kinds of people who are present in every classroom. These peers come with some peculiar characteristics that make it easier to spot them. Love them or hate them, but you can never ignore them.

The Know-it-all

These are the professors’ favourite kind of people. Case studies, chapters, world news- they simply know it all. High on CP points, the know-it-alls are the go-to people to get briefed about 20 page long cases in just 5 minutes before the lecture.

The DCP God

You will always find one person in the class who desperately tries to participate in every classroom discussion. While they are sometimes loved for taking away all of the professor’s attention, they are also hated most for stretching the lecture beyond scheduled timings. That’s not all; an even dangerous kind exists – ones who do DCP in guest lectures too.

The Globe Expert

Globe, as most of the b-school junta would like to say, is an art. Being in a b-school, everyone learns to globe at some level or the other. However, there are some above all. They are experts who can go on talking about anything without having any idea on it. And, they will never admit it. But, they are the saviours when it comes to group presentations.

The Free Rider

The most despised ones in group projects, these people always get away saying that they will work for the next project. The rest of the group ends up completing the project in time, with the only contribution from the free rider being his/her presence during the presentation.

The Chill Dude

The coolest people on campus, these are the believers of “Aal Izz Well”. The chill dude steers clear of working before the eleventh hour. Quizzes and assignments might come and go, but the party never stops for them.

The Forever Worried

While the chill dude does not let the b-school rigour take a toll on him/her, the forever worried are the exact opposite. Committees, CVs, summers, grades – there is nothing that does not cross their worrying mind. Beware. Do not get too close, or you might end up getting depressed too.

The Sleepy Head

This species can fall asleep anywhere- first bench or last bench. They are mostly seen struggling to stay awake in the early morning classes. As terms pass by, they master the art of sleeping without letting the professor have the slightest hint of it.

Before you wonder, well I’m a mix of the sleepy head and the chill dude (More of the former one, though).

Well, these were just seven of the various kinds of people you meet on campus. More than the placements, studies or professors, the friends you meet at a B-school are what make these rigorous and competitive two years awesome.

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