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Life At A B-school

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A Letter From An MBA Alumna To All MBA Aspirants And Students

If there was just one thing I wish I could convince my aspirant self, it would be to believe that the dark, rocky road she was travelling on-that dreadful ambiguity,

Gone In A Flash - The Term 1 At XLRI

It feels like only yesterday when I was trying to settle in my room, the environment, seeing off my parents and running around for the orientation week and working with

35 Truths About Life At Indian B-Schools | B-School Students & Alumni Speak

Over the years, we have received numerous stories of MBA students sharing sneak peeks of the good, bad and the ugly of their B-school lives. While thousands of stories exist

15 Things I Learnt During My MBA - Arunish Paul - XSRM

I just completed my two years of MBA(RM) from Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM), Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB), and as I reflect upon my time, I compiled a list

A Run-Up To The Life At A B-School

‘Raat ka kya scene?’ – Party!

How To Earn While You're At A B-School?

The biggest buzzword while selecting B-Schools is “ROI”. But how does one define ROI? Is it just about the fee you pay versus the CTC you’re offered? Or is it