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Life At A B-school

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Life Is What And How You Make It. My Journey At IIM Ft.Santosh Mishra

Back in 2019 when I joined my MBA there were a lot of things going on in both my personal and professional life. I count this as one of the

How To Get Into ISB | Pointers By Abhilaksh Sharma, VIT and ISB Alum

Getting into the prestigious ISB is not just anyone’s cup of tea. According to Abhilaksh Sharma (VIT pass out and ISB Alum), “ISB looks for confident and jugaadu people who

Life At FORE School Of Management | Interview With Mr. Rahul Raizada, Director @ PwC

Rahul Raizada, an alumnus of FORE School of Management, is currently working as Director in PwC. While work and life have caught up with him, he still recollects his life

Life At IMT Ghaziabad - Interact With IMT Students And Ask Your Questions | Live Webinar

Wondering how your life at IMT would be like? Want to know how the entire b-school experience helps you in your holistic development? We all know curiosity killed the cat,

8 Winning Traits That You Inculcate In A B-School

Whether it’s about competing in the sports arena or in the corporate world or even in academics the core fundamentals of winning are the same. To make sure the success

An Open Letter To First Year B-School Students

I understand that you are steadily making a transition from whatever you were doing professionally, to now pursuing an intense academic program. I am sure you must be feeling time-pressed;

A Letter From An MBA Alumna To All MBA Aspirants And Students

If there was just one thing I wish I could convince my aspirant self, it would be to believe that the dark, rocky road she was travelling on-that dreadful ambiguity,

Gone In A Flash - The Term 1 At XLRI

It feels like only yesterday when I was trying to settle in my room, the environment, seeing off my parents and running around for the orientation week and working with