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Consulting Most Sought-After Domain At IIM K - IIM Kozhikode Final Placement Report | PGP Class of 2020

IIM Kozhikode has released the final placements report for the PGP class of 2018-2020! 413 students of the class of 2020 at IIM K participated in the final placements process.

McKinsey, BCG Top Recruiters At IIM Ahmedabad - Final Placements Report, MBA Class of 2020

IIM Ahmedabad has completed final placements for the MBA class of 2020! 153 companies from 20 diverse cohorts participated in the process, placing all students across geographies with 182 different

Economics Questions You Can Expect In Your Interviews

With the interview dates coming closer, many of you might be feeling anxious or worried, but that's okay. Each one of us goes through it. Just keep yourself calm, talk

MDI Gurgaon Interview Experiences - Part 3| Tips By MDI Gurgaon Students

First of all, let me congratulate you on making it this far. I am hoping your preparation for the interviews are in full force and this article will help you

How To Score 99+ Percentile In The VA-RC Section of CAT 2020 | CAT 2020 VA-RC Tips

CAT 2019 was testament to the fact that regardless of how fluent you may be in the English language and regardless of how many mock tests you may take, there

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