The Stages Of The Play – “The Tales Of An MBA”

We all are fascinated by stories. Stories take us to another world. They storm the most powerful emotions out of us. They make us empathetic, sympathetic and help conquer our fear making us a bigger person. The b-school life is no different than a tale. It is a play that is staged in our lives for 2 years. The best thing is we are the actors in the lead role and the entire cast revolves around us.

“The tales of an MBA” is a journey that an MBA graduate goes through in his 2 years.

Like it is said…”MBA is not just a degree….It is an emotion.”

The character: “He” (It refers to a random MBA student)

The script of “The tales of an MBA” goes as follows


The Introduction

It starts with an inspiration. He observes leaders, change makers, successful persons and instantly connects with them. These people are active elements of his family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances or famous personalities. Inspiration fuels his life goals and dreams and he starts thinking of means to achieve them. MBA is the means he chooses to steer towards them. With his intentions loud and clear in his head, he slogs day and night. The road is rough but he hangs in there and finally gets into an MBA in the institute of his choice.


The Complication

With full of energy and enthusiasm he joins the institute. Success stories and excellent placement record give him high hopes of a successful career post MBA. The first week in the institute is a honeymoon phase with new friends, crushes and welcome parties. The entire campus and its atmosphere seem larger than life and he feels he is having the best days of his life. But very soon, he is bogged down by reality. Classes become hectic with the onset of assignments, presentations, quizzes and end terms. Sleep becomes luxury and a social life outside of the institute becomes non-existent. Rejection from the most sought after firms which he had applied for internship acted like the salt on the wound. He is blank minded, confused and demoralised. He is under tremendous pressure both mentally and physically. He is in double mind whether to give up or still chase his goals and dreams.


The Climax, Turning Point

There is a saying, ”If things are getting tough, then you are on the right path”. The life at MBA-land is no different. It’s when you are down with problems; you meet with the best people in your life, the truest ones. They may come as your friends, your classmates, seniors, juniors or that special one. They not only help him hang in there during his low times but also give him the necessary entertainment to take his mind off. They he starts to learn from them, which we call ‘peer learning’. Slowly and steadily his hard work pays off. He gets his result in the form a good final placement offer, a national case study competition win, a scholarship or/and many more. Slowly things fall into place and he gains back his lost confidence.


The Resolution, Consequence

The curriculum and pedagogy that once beat him and brought him down to his knees have now made him stand on his feet only to give him wings to fly higher. He doesn’t fear to take challenges anymore; he doesn’t fumble anymore, has inculcated a “bring it on” attitude and is ready to face the adversities of the corporate world. MBA has made him a better person. It has imbibed in him a sense of responsibility, has made him wittier and a much more interesting person. He now is decisive with a clear sense of judgment. But the most important thing that MBA does to him is that he knows himself a lot better now. He is fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses and this reflects in his attitude and personality.


The Denouement, Conclusion

We all are aware of the movie where Steve Rogers goes inside the incubator and comes out as Captain America with enhanced skills and capabilities. In our life, MBA acts as that incubator.

To the aspiring MBA grads, the closing lines of the play would be:

Do not go for MBA for a pay scale or for getting a job with a lucrative salary. Let the Steve Rogers inside you get himself inside the incubator of MBA and see the Captain America rising inside you. Live to see the transformation that you have undergone after two years.




About the Author:

Saumya Saurav Brahma

Xavier Institute Of Management

Batch 2016-18