Every person, every place, and every situation teaches you something. Here are some of my reflections on what TISS has taught me in the two months I have been here.



You have to roll with the punches here. The rigour of academics, the pre-readings, the assignments, the fieldwork, the gossip, the new people and the new places will all be too much to handle. Pour in the element of unpredictable rains and gloomy weather and you have a cauldron full of miseries.

The best way to face this situation is to just be fluid – be it in your routine, your ideas, your ideologies or even your body in the local train. Do not resist change. Absorb as much as you can and things will fall into place. It will take time, but until then do not resist what TISS puts on your plate (unless it is Dining Hall food.).



New City + New College + New Found Freedom + New People = Hell Lot of New Friends

It is always great to meet new people. But I urge you to select, and select wisely, the kind of people you associate yourself with. In the end, the majority of your learning will depend on the relations that you create here. TISS teaches you how to create lasting, meaningful friendships rather than short-term transactional acquaintances.



Don’t be desperado for a person but for knowledge. At TISS you have the opportunity to learn whatever you want. There is always a student or a teacher here to give you the information that you need. The talent pool is amazing. To learn anything you just need to have the desperation. The learning will follow.



TISS taught me to stop one of my favourite pass times – cribbing. Like my favourite Professor at TISS Zubin Mulla says, “Life is not fair“. A lot of things will happen around you and to you which you may perceive as unfair. So if you are up against the wall facing a pack of deadly assignments with deadlines fast approaching – DO NOT CRIB. Find solutions to change the status quo. If you cannot find solutions then try to find humour in the situation. And if you cannot find humour remember that in the long run we will all be dead and a large part of what we do doesn’t matter.



The great ancient Greek philosopher Selena Gomez once said- ‘The heart wants what it wants‘. But do condition the wants of your heart with the logical rationale of your brain. This is what will get you through TISS and help you return in a single piece. Life at TISS is weird, unique, wonderful, frustrating, exhausting, life-draining and a million things more. However it is, it is beautiful nonetheless and it is a teacher like no other.

Sheetal Poojary

Sheetal S Poojary is a first-year student of HRM & LR Course at TISS Mumbai. When not impersonating a bookworm, Sheetal is found spending time petting her canine friends, cracking poor jokes and daydreaming.