Things That Made Me Want To Join IIM Raipur – Yatin Goel

It was the morning of 8th January 2018. I was expecting it to be a usual day, with the same old office routine. I had no idea this day would be the day my life could change forever. My mother woke me up, informing that CAT results are out. To my surprise, I had managed to achieve a very high percentile. All kinds of thoughts came to my mind, with the prospects of getting into an IIM looking bright.

From the next day onwards, I started preparing for the interview processes. Luckily, I was selected for the CAP process. A total of 9 IIMs were part of the CAP process this year. I visited the website of each institute and the one which fascinated me the most was IIM Raipur.

An institute, which will commence with its 9th batch in PGP, had all the qualities I was looking for. It was based in the capital city of one of the newer states of our country, thus assuring me of the belief that the government will take all the necessary steps to promote its development.

Then, I looked into the profile of a respected Director, Professor Bharat Bhasker. He was the Director in IIM Lucknow, before joining IIM Raipur. I knew from that very moment that a strong and able leadership was there, to guide the students and staff towards greater heights in future.

Another thing which fascinated me the most was the potential transfer to a new campus for this academic session. The prospects of being the first batch in a state-of-the-art campus with completely modern architecture really attracted me, along with the realization of additional responsibility for me being part of the first batch in the new campus.

Upon further insights into the college website, I came across the several clubs and committees formed at IIM Raipur. It was quite astonishing to see that all of the college activities were student-driven. Even the placements were organized by student committees only. The annual fest of the college, Equinox, was organized solely by the different clubs, also inviting several dignitaries from the corporate world to share their valuable experiences. I felt this would really help me in the growth of my personality, handling real-time management issues, once I’ll be a part of B-school.

Luckily, I got the offer from IIM Raipur on 22 June 2018. I was ecstatic and felt blessed to be offered to join such an esteemed institute. I knew this will be a step towards achieving my goals for a successful and skillful career.

So, here I am. A part of IIM Raipur family, hoping for an experience full of global standards learning and exposure to international markets.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work in the Retail section of Aditya Birla Groups. Since I am interested in the Marketing domain, I feel retail industry could be the best option for me career-wise. More Megastores offer various FMCG products, fruits, vegetables, groceries etc. I would like to work as a manager in such stores so that I can be in a position to use my marketing skills and expertise to enhance the sales of the various stores around the country.

Yatin Goel is a first year student at IIM Raipur.