TISS Testimonials – Devika

TISS is one of the best institutes in India for pursuing a Masters in Human Resource Management.However, it not being a regular B-School, creates confusion in the minds of some aspirants, who are doubtful about what to expect once they enter  it. This testimonial, written by Devika, a student of HRM&LR,2013-15 batch, aims at sharing some of her personal experiences during her first year at TISS.

Life at TISS:

24-April 2013 was one of the happiest days of my life. TISS was a dream institute and pursuing a management course taught as an Arts discipline seemed exciting. Being a Mumbaikar and having the opportunity to stay in my own city was a cherry on the cake. Needless to say, I remember the fervor with which I had braced myself to be a part of this prestigious institute.

Life at TISS has been a wonderful journey, to say the least. With a small batch size, getting to know each other was easier and we all became a close-knit batch of TISS HRM 2013-15. The year began with Introduction sessions conducted by our seniors, who only ‘gently ragged us – on a serious note, this was one of the most memorable days of our lives. An HRM batch (2012-14 and 2013-15) trek followed by a Freshers Party was next on the cards. But this was not the only ‘FUN’ part in TISS. The TISS curriculum is so beautifully charted that it gives you the feeling of a true blue management course with a social bent of mind. The long but deeply insightful Foundation Course lectures and the Field Work Internship are the USP of this course in TISS. Getting to pursue field work internships in four different organizations, each from a different industry and a summer internship is a blessing that we TISSians boast about.

The placement ‘season’ as we call it is the most nerve-wrecking and yet the most exciting of all. The smiles on the faces, and the kind words that console you are the threads that hold the entire batch together. I am sure every TISSian reminisces this period heartily. Manthan, the annual festival of the HRM course, followed by Dharohar, our Alumni Dinner meet only take the bonding of the TISSians to the next level. TISS is one of those institutes in the country that imbibes a sense of empathy in the minds of its students. Despite studying subjects that any other management institute offers as a part of its curriculum, the pedagogy of TISS is what sets it apart from all the other management institutes. Every TISSian lives the ‘dream’ of TISS in these two years and takes away lifelong lessons.