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Subhadeep Chakraborty

The union budget holds a great deal of importance for the economy as it can make or break the economic growth of a country. It also addresses the concerns of common citizens it terms of public expenditure and affects consumer behavior. The job of the media is to highlight important events concerning the country and citizens. Especially the current union budget, which will be released on 1st February, is all the more important as it holds the key to bringing the growth back on track post-demonetization. So the media, through its news discussions and debates must continue to spread awareness among ordinary citizens about this important event.


6.5/10 – It is a good start and articulation is alright but it lacks a little bit of depth. It seems superficial – How can a budget make or break the economic growth of a country – elaborate more when you make such a statement.

shreyash Singh

The union Budget is an annual routine process followed by the ruling government everywhere. This routine process does affect each and every citizen of the nation in some way or the other, thereby its reporting is essential. But, Our TRP hungry media ends up glorifying this process. The pre-budget discussions where they try to predict the whole budget and do our Finance minister’s job for him seems a waste of time and resources which can be used to bring forward the other nad more pressing issues of the nation and the society. The post-budget analysis is essential once we have the hard facts on which we can have a discussion upon, but speculating and counter speculating each others assumptions does not make sense in this busy world.


5.5/10 – Good point on excessive speculation where Finance Minister’s job is done by media and experts but average overall in terms of articulation and range of thought. If you’re talking about TRP hungry media – maybe you should explore why media does that a little more – are there economic incentives? Are people interested in watching more of that?

Anwesh Gaurav

Union budget is the annual financial statement. It is the income and expenditure statement. Every country does it. It, therefore, is an important event as it lays down the path of economic development of the country for the next one year. Media does over analyse it but that is the case with every event. Every year the stock market is also affected by the budget announcements of which sectors were given how much allotments and exemptions. We should not dismiss Union budget as a non-event.


4.5/10 – Nothing new has been added to the discussion. You have given your point of view but it doesn’t add value. Articulation is ok.


The Union Budget is one of the most important and eagerly awaited events in India. It gives an overview of the earnings and spending scenario of the country and thus gives a sense of direction that the economy is going to take. Salaried people decide their savings pattern and make decisions accordingly based on Budget announcements. Businesses adapt their business strategy according to the changed rules and new announcements of the budget.
Budgets can make or break the economic performance of a country. So it is definitely not a non-event and the media does give it the importance and coverage that it deserves.

Sakshi Kochar

I think we all agree that it is definitely an important event and people in different spheres of life definitely want to know about it and understand it.Perhaps now the argument is about whether media is doing it’s job right or not. Media is supposed to provide information to people, also to help people understand the information better by bringing different perspectives to them and at times it also gives voice to people’s concern which probably our leader may take into consideration. Media also plays a great roll in building people’s opinion on issues like budget. Today’s media is doing this job well. People of India are more aware now than they have been ever before. They now know how the decisions taken by the leaders of this country affects them. And in turn the next time they vote for a leader, they would make a better informed choice. Even if it is over glorifying events like budget and we all know the information is important to people of India. There is no harm media is doing to anyone.


5/10 – It was an interesting approach to focus on the media rather than on the budget and link it to democracy and voting but you should have gone deeper than to be surface level. Also, articulation needs a little work.

Dheeraj Dadhich

British PM Margaret thatcher said that “there is no society, just individuals” … a union budget is almost never abrupt.. a normal citizen’s life always is.. the common man of India is unable to save as much as money he was able to save in years foregone.. a little hiccup can topple his cart and he has no financial and even moral support being migrant from village to city.. from unskilled labor to world of paper and computer where different sort of skills and habits and especially educational qualifications are required… it is not important that modiji builds a road.. it is important that people of this land are able to buy the car…. budget or not.. middle class is under a lot of stress.. and poor see no hope of upward social mobility.. while budget is a populist but very important bureaucratic ritual.. it is the pennies of this budget that should reach the citizens which is most important…rome was not built in a day.. so wont be the india of our dreams.. one day bout each day at a time.. that time is now.. not the day of the budget


5/10 – It was a promising start but the argument lost its way completely. It ended up being a rant without any data and facts to back it. the following phrase – ‘it is not important that modiji builds a road.. it is important that people of this land are able to buy the car…. budget or not.. middle class is under a lot of stress’ – it is not a coherent link and doesn’t sound like a thought out argument

Tushar Thakral

Union Budget is definitely not a non-event. All the citizens of the country look forward to the budget, so that they know in which direction the country’s economy is going to be driven by the cabinet. By knowing roughly how and where the cabinet is going to spend in the following year, can be of great help to the citizens. Therefore, discussing the budget in a little detail over media cannot be called as glorifying it.
However, the Union budget is just a plan and is not supposed to be followed word by word by the cabinet, this is why appropriate coverage by the media is a necessity and that they do not go overboard with it is also important.