The Unique Campus – Meet Shah, IIM Udaipur

When I first left my house to come to IIM Udaipur, I could not find the road which led to the campus from the main Balicha highway. I knew that our campus was new and was still under construction. Finally, after making 2 rounds around the divider, on the highway, my parents and I found a small cut where a tiny board was signalling us the direction to IIM Udaipur. It was a steep road which was not yet fully constructed. So we started climbing the road with an expectation to see something satisfactory on the other side of the road. As the steepness of the road ended, the view suddenly changed. I could see a big building which was under construction. At first, I had to get rid of all my huge dreams of living in one of the largest IIMs, as it was still under construction. When we entered the main gate, we were guided to take right and climb another steep road. As we drove further, my eyes got more and more widened. It was a curvy road, but on the right side of it was a long range of mountains. I had just entered a Hill station! When the turn got complete I could see four buildings standing as the pillar and made up of mountain rocks. I was so much delighted when I got to know that this was the hostel areas and this was where I was going to live for the next two years. After completing the registration process my family and I reached my room. We first opened my room’s windows and “What a view!” My cousins were so happy that I got admission here because they thought of joining me anytime they want in the next two years and enjoy their time in this wonderful nature land.

Although my campus is not fully built, but it has everything provided by nature. The weather is always pleasant here; ready to make us students relaxed from daily MBA stress. There is no other residential land till next 8 km from the main highway. I call this campus a Land Island. Currently, on this land island, we have a population of 500 humans. We all celebrate every festival and also enjoy our weekends, by dancing and singing with each other. We do keep a track of what is happening out there, thanks to the internet and newspapers. Students here come to this campus, to live in nature’s lap and to learn how to deal with the most dangerous side of the world outside: THE CORPORATE WORLD.

Which ABG company would I want to work for and why?

Having an interest in marketing and particularly in the B2C marketing side, I would like to work in the Aditya Birla Retail Limited Company. This company would help me to get the best consumer insights regarding their consumption of daily used products. This would also help me to understand the various systems and techniques applied by the company to cater to the consumers’ needs.

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