Waitlisted, Will I Convert

The mounting tension of the results for the colleges, which one to choose, location, placement or faculty maddening to quite an extent.

We have been trying to handle situations all our lives and as we grow up these situations not only become more complex but tougher to deal with. All of us have our stress busters, the one place that calms us down the one type of food that soothes our soul or in some the one person who is just so terribly at peace that you cannot help but feel at ease around her/him.

I am going to try explain how different people react to situations with a special focus on the CAT, waitlist and whether you will get through  this is completely perspective based so please do not shoot the author.

We will first start with the waitlist (perspective for the IIM’s started after 2011) and I will try to bust some myths that have surrounded the ever so talked about waitlist. So first things first previous year waitlist number is something most people will not tell and even if they do it holds little or no authority over what might happen this year because of various factors such as changing government policy, decrease or increase of intake and many others.

So please relax keep a track of the new list and make sure that you keep troubling the admins on the various FB pages (I happen to be one of them :P).


Will you get through what will happen if you don’t, will you ever get the same or better score again?

Truth is no one knows and because no one knows it’s imperative to not freak out about this. But here’s my two cents on the subject, it gets better trust me, I have had friends who thought they could never get better scores and ended up with not only better scores but much better colleges as well.

So whatever you do, do not bank on only getting through an IIM chances are that it might happen but if it does not make sure you do not quit your job saying “99 touch me if you can”, if you are not in a job get one don’t waste time sitting at home and studying, after all managers are bred to multi task, also doing nothing at home is a very bad factor in the eyes of the interviewer so you have to keep busy.


Lastly if you do get in, Congratulations, remember you are lucky and there are many people still in the pipeline.

I myself try taking classes whenever I can try helping people with subjects and interviews. Take night classes for my friends back home sometimes. I learnt all of this when I was college and saw my seniors doing the same for us, it was a humbling experience and I abide by it. We can in the same manner give back as we should in our own little way but we always must.


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Mohit Badhwar

In what type of activity should one indulge in to keep himself busy , gains the proper knowledge, and the most importantly to do something which impresses the interviewer;for someone who belongs to the commerce background pursuing undergraduation course
So that there is something for the fresher to fill in form while submitting your CV in front of them leaving a good impression in the eyes of interviewers .
Could anyone please if gone through the same process or situation suggest me???