What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends (Week 22 : Sep 9 – Sep 15)


Shreyas brings to you Mumbai’s upcoming Times Square, something on Apple’s new watch, 10 rules on professional time etiquette, Google versus Facebook and much more in this week’s  edition


Essential service in the cyber land: Search, not Social Media

Growth, investment and savings are closely linked when it comes India’s growth

Mumbai doesn’t need Times Square, it needs more Shivaji Parks

Being professional with time etiquette – very relevant

How the Ebola outbreak has spread so far.  It needs to be arrested quickly, before the contagion spreads too far

Apple is back at the top tech news this week. But what is the point of these new gadgets, especially the watch?

Regardless, know this for sure: Apple is going to convince you to buy that watch

Speaking of dominant players who continuously innovate better consumer experience

Where have all the house sparrows gone?

Best languages to learn math? Chinese, Japanese and Turkish

DIY of the week: how to create your own country

“Compiling a bucket list is a both an exercise of wishful self-improvement and an expression of to-hell-with-it cupidity

Last week was also 13th anniversary of 9/11, an event that unfolded and news propagated without social media. Also a good time to understand: why do we keep moment of silence in remembrances and tributes


Off topic

Wait, John Lennon did the ice bucket challenge in 1965?

At Google, People live on campus to avoid renting a place



Watch: A Truncated Story of Infinity




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