What’s worth reading | Shreyas Recommends (Week 25 : Oct 7 – Oct 13 )

Its the silver jubilee week of this series!

How to read an Annual Report, The contrast of Satyarthi and Malala’s Nobel, PPP growth of global economies and much more in this week’s edition.

Indians think success is almost equally dependent on hard work and being lucky

What to read in IMF’s latest take on Indian economy

And a look at how, according to IMF, global economies have grown in PPP terms

Bangladesh is the ideal model India should be looking up to when it comes to fighting open defecation: in terms of the investments required, but also in creating social pressure and behavioural change

Surveilling government employees: does that really bring in more accountability or just another system bureaucrats will game

Ebola may not be the fastest spreading disease, but it is among the deadliest

A bit of Corp Finance 101: How to read an annual report

Why do companies break-up: to create more value, or to manage better 

Don’t ignore theory just because the reality don’t seem to follow it. Understand why theory isn’t working

Four steps of organisational growth, dominance or irrelevance

Nobel prizes

Why are Nobel prizes considered biggest awards on the planet

And why are they among the most controversial

Indian writers can’t seem to get a sniff of Literature Nobel

Kailash Satyarthi’s Peace Nobel: the significance of his work

Is the root removing child labour in removing poverty?

The contrast of Satyarthi and Malala’s Nobel: For one it is recognition of years of effort, for the other it could be fraught with more risks

All the Nobel prizes interactive

Off topic

A comedy club that charges you by how much you laugh

Why do erasers suck at erasing


Dharavi: The ultimate capitalist, libertarian economy?


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