When Aspirations Turn Into Reality – Dnyaneshwar Karande’s Journey To IIM Bodh Gaya

“Knowing that you’re only getting better with each new struggle can be an inspiration during those times when you feel like giving up.” This was the exact thought hovering over my mind when I got admission offer for the PGDM at IIM Bodhgaya. One side of mind was patting my shoulder saying finally you made it to a so called elite group of institutes in the country that is none other than IIM. There was no boundary of celebration, as every MBA aspirant work hard to get into this so-called lucrative group, and now you are one of them. On the contrary getting an admission is just only the part of the game. The Battle was yet to begin. Getting into an IIM and then living up to the brand value is an altogether different thing.

Everybody is so excited to get that IIM tag which expects you to live up to the mark. These beefed up expectations of not only the corporate world but also friends, kith and kin were bothering me. How you develop yourself over the period of two years in an intensive academic curriculum and still are one of the good performers among the cream intellectuals who have joined this family with the same euphoria? This was the thing, which was perplexing my mind in lieu of getting indulged in the joy of admission offer. Finally, I pacified the turmoil going around and started to think of a wonderful journey that I am going to venture. The journey which will transform you, mould you, hone your skills to represent one of the most demanded and cherished by-product of these institutions.

And the long awaited day arrived. I joined the IIM Bodhgaya campus on 17th July 2016. Like me, all of the other prospective students joined the campus. We completed required joining and registration formalities. Thus the new life began. Initially, everything was new, classmates you were talking with, mess food you were eating together, the climate you were living in and most importantly so-called IIM culture you were experiencing through. No sooner you start getting adopted with surroundings, suddenly all of the things got into pace.

You will find yourself in the middle of the ground and slowly pressure starts getting mounted in all directions. This is how the real thrill begins. Going to lecture with preparation, working out day in day out for the project completion, Case study discussions, late night group project activities, making sure everyone performs well in a group presentation, keeping yourself ready for short notice quizzes and exams, remaining awake  in long classroom lectures, so on and so forth.

No matter how stressful and hectic it would be but your integral bonding with friends keeps you pushing forward. During the tense exam preparation, those pranks become stress buster. Those joyful birthday celebrations fade away your loneliness into a family. Understanding and enjoying different cultures inculcates global acceptance in you. In the race of better group performance, you lift one of your classmates to be more competent. Your well time spent makes you wonderful when you feel nervous and upset. Those funny moments brings a smile on your face when you glance in the past.

So it would be no surprise to say that each day of this journey starts with new struggle as well as a new hope to become more successful. Each moment comes with new learning. This is how IIM culture imbibes all round thinking approach in you. It makes you look beyond the box. It takes you to the different levels of perspective. It makes you innovative to be distinguished.

Over the period of these four months, I strongly believe that these thrilled and joyful learning moments will nurture present into a bright future. A hope of the brightest day when you are in the darkest times of your lives. When times are tough and luck is down, it does not mean you don’t deserve to get rewarded. No matter where you come from, what you believe in, what background you belongs to a hope is the driving force which makes any individual on earth successful.

I am so glad to experience this beautiful journey with that hope. Also, I am sure every MBA aspirant out there is ready to join this wonderful journey.




About the Author:

Dnyaneshwar Karande Bhagwan

Dnyaneshwar Karande is a Student at IIM Bodh Gaya. He likes cooking and writing articles.