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(In our series of articles to help students get into the best business schools of India,  that will help you understand how things can go terribly wrong right from the time you fill up your form after getting that coveted call. Deepali Naair, has dug up these 10 classic Why MBA? essays. )


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1) In today’s uncertain business environment, all the companies are facing losses due to which people are losing their jobs. What MBA provides is EMPLOYABILITY to me. It enables me to understand all the aspects of any business in detail so that can overcome any kind of challenge in future. This makes me a CORE ASSET to any business house and hence secures my future.

Along with this it will help me in my entrepreneurial venture in future and sharpen my skills as a manager improving my odds of success

2) I would like to improve the productivity of an employee and thus ensure growth and development of my company. It really interests me and also seems challenging to improve the efficiency of operation of a company. Being naturally good at dealing with people and having good analytical, communication and leadership skills I am both interested and capable of pursuing an MBA in HR.

3) Defining a good business leader, he is the one who has the potential to provide out of box solutions. So even with a strong academic background and work experience in various domains, one could not overlook the importance of management studies. Thus I feel management studies will complement my technical skills in most balanced way and will help me achieve my goals of being a good business leader to run my enterprise successfully

4) One of the biggest myths about MBA is that it is regarded as a veritable passport to a lucrative career.But according to me more important than the material wealth is the ocean of knowledge to which one is exposed to.MBA helps in honing of one’s innate abilities and also helps in their proportionate development. Interaction with peers has always been a source of self-improvement. Also MBA comprises of a representation of the day to day activities on a micro scale .One can learn a great deal from it because of its manifestation in a practical form.

5)  I believe finance is the life line of any business. Engineering has given me the scope for analytical thinking. Finance also requires analytical thinking. Therefore engineering degree coupled with finance will not only help me sharpen my analytical ability but also help me to come out with practical feasible solutions when the need arises. This will help me fulfill my ambition of achieving multi disciplinary orientation skills. After working for a few years in finance industry and improving upon my skill set, I am sure financial knowledge with the backing of industry specific knowledge would help me set up my own venture.

6) I would like to opt for a specialization in finance because money makes the word go round and where there is money there will be a requirement for people. Finance broadly deals with planning for capital and allocation of resources. Moreover finance comprises of a variety of sub-sectors like commercial banking,investment banking, money management ,corporate finance etc which offer umpteen opportunities to grow.

7)  I have discovered that an MBA provides one with a distinct advantage over those without. There is an analytical nature inherent to MBA’s which I believe is duplicable only by committing two years to the academic study of business. Also in the corporate world degree holders from top b-schools are given positions of responsibility and authority very quickly considered to those without an MBA irrespective of any amount of ‘managerial’ acumen you may show. In short to widen my skill set and for a faster career growth I am looking at an MBA degree.

8) As my long term career goals is to start my own enterprise, I feel general management will help me achieve my goals. I feel that general management will help me develop the ability to manage complex business situations, especially the art of making decisions in uncertain or ambiguous environments, break away from functional focus and develop a more inclusive attitude, integrate cross-functional objectives to generate innovative solutions that benefit the organisation as a whole.

9)  I wanted value addition in my profile, a head start in my career and an enriching learning experience, which is why I chose to do an MBA. My interests in leadership, team work and other aspects of management increased as I grew. Also, I have good analytical, reasoning and interpersonal skills as is evident through my good academic record and extra curricular activities. These abilities coupled with my interests confirm my choice of pursuing an MBA.

10)  The challenge imposed by the competition in any industry requires me to continuously update my skills and qualification to better the demand of customers and companies I might serve. The MBA qualification broadens and enhances knowledge and is viewed in a sense of building up skills. But the most important reason is that it allows me broaden my career opportunities. Since I am an engineer the future prospects of any field change available to me are limited and restricted to a few. Whereas a MBA qualification allows me to broaden this opportunity base to related areas like information management or other area like finance management. In any aspect of business an all round skill set which includes technical and managerial skills are essential for a successful career.

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"Why MBA and which specialization?" being the foremost question which must be answered beforehand while thinking of a career in MBA and that too in a crystal clear fashion… rather than pending it as one of the trendy questions to be prepared as part of an interview process…
in the 2) essay..why pursuing an MBA if ur naturally good at HR skills?
liked d above mentioned essays… hope to see updated inputs from deepali mam asap….:)


2. <<…improve productivity of AN employee>>? Thank you, for taking time to apply to our company! After careful evaluation, we regret to inform you…

Essays are too generic. Given the fact that one can do specialization in one area, is MBA all about finance? How much do you know about finance and what was your yard-stick?

Scientifically speaking, engineering is a highly specialized in analysis – but which analysis? While (under-graduate in India) Computer Science focuses on logic, others like Mechanical/ Electrical do on numbers. How much of analysis you have done? Again, I won't buy your reasoning of you being analytic just because you are engineer.

Personal note (esp for non-engineers): MBA is also about (professional) leadership at various levels. Is leadership restricted to engineering or some other professional courses? Can't a student with liberal arts and humanities and other background be leader?