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Best Way To Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself' in MBA Interviews Ft. Moinack Shaikh, FMS Delhi, TAS

'Tell Me About Yourself' is the first question which may pop up in almost every Bschool interview that might decide the course of your interview. Hence it is important to

The PI Checklist To Convert Your MBA Interviews - ARKSS, Ex-National Head - MBA At CL

 The countdown has begun for the interviews at India’s top B- schools with the first calls expected to be scheduled as early as the 1st week of February. We already

5 Important Current Affairs Topics For MBA Interviews - Explained

The Russia-Ukraine War, The Beijing Olympics Controversy, The LIC IPO, The ABG Shipyard Fraud, and The Union Budget 2022 are five of the most important current affairs topics for this

A Simple Guide To Prepare For Your Interviews For B Schools. Ft. Santosh Mishra,IIM Rohtak Alumnus

The hustle to reach the best B Schools in India has started with the CAT results and interview calls rolled out to shortlisted candidates and a few of the interview

5 Hacks to Ace MBA Interviews | MBA Personal Interview Preparation Guide

Personal interviews generally carry the highest weightage up-to 50% in the entire MBA admissions process. They are the last and the most crucial step in your journey to get into

Your Ultimate Personal Interview Prep Checklist 2022

Are you an aspirant preparing to crack those b-school interviews? Waiting with bated breath to get a call from your dream b-school and wondering which schools you must prepare for?

Guide To Answer PI Questions In IIMs Interviews - Dilsad Ali, IIM Bangalore Alumnus

Since you are here, so, hopefully, you have cleared the first and the most regress part of the selection process of the B-Schools. Cheers for this wonderful achievement! Now the most

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience | What Helped Me Get Into IIM Lucknow

As the interview rounds are coming closer you must be wondering what questions can make you stumble in front of the interviewer, how could you react in a stress interview,