You are the one constant thing in my life – Yamini Chawda, IIM Ranchi

Yesterday, when I was busy in my thoughts, I realised how life had been going through all the peaks and depths, and yet there are some things which remain constant for you. Aditya Birla Group (ABG) is undoubtedly the consistent element and has also proved why ABG is vital in my life.

It was my first day in college during my under graduation where I was wearing a newly bought dress from pantaloons and shoes from Forever 21. A mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement was floating in my stomach. I was carrying my new phone with me which had Idea cellular network, working perfectly in Indore, MP. I met many new faces, and as time passed, some of them became a crucial part of my life. I made many friends in my course duration but, the best of friends who take you through the hell and even go beyond their limits to take you out from your tough times always remain precious in your heart.

Those three years of BBA have touched my soul; we used to bunk classes for movies, celebrate birthdays, and go out shopping together. Our favourite place was the treasure island mall which was a hub for all the youngsters, and it had all popular brands like – People, Pantaloons, Peter England, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen and many more. I have shopped a lot, and these were my preferred brands every time I visited any store or any mall.

Aditya Birla Group gave me so many memories and made my life full of life.

Thankyou ABG

How have you made an impact?

As soon as I completed my under graduation in 2016, I got the offer letter from IIM Raipur for the admission in the PGP batch of 2016 – 2018. Seems pretty cool right? Hold your breath; life doesn’t want the things to get in the right place. At that time, our USA immigration petition got cleared, and we moved to California, USA.

It was my dream to study in one of the top institutes of management, and I wasn’t aware of the opportunities outside my little world. Later on, I decided to take a break and moved to California. I worked in Target Corporation as a Guest Service Attendant (GSA) and then switched to Bank of the West as a Merchant teller. I was not satisfied with the job I was in, so I decided to continue with my further studies. Generally, if you were on my place, you would complete your masters from the USA only, but, I decided to go beyond everyone’s thought process and started achieving my ambitions which were to be in an IIM and complete my MBA.

I gave CAT one more time with great dreams and aspirations flourishing in my heart. I got succeeded, and nothing made me happier than the result of my hard work and dedication, which brings me here at IIM Ranchi.

As the title itself says, you are the one constant thing in my life, I truly believe this and have even experienced it. Despite all the good and bad times, I finish up getting admission in my dream institution, and at the end, that is what always matters.

Yamini chawda

Self believer