11 Types Of Managers You Should Not Be

During my 3 decades of corporate life, I encountered many types of managers, many of whom left me frustrated, disillusioned and disenchanted! I am sharing 11 types of such managers who had this effect on me:

1. Timex Manager: He comes on time & leaves on time – without working.

2. Valentine Manager: He wears his heart on his sleeve and is a nuisance to women colleagues

3. Atlanta Manager: He looks to Head Quarter for directions

4. Lion Manager: He takes the lion’s share of credit after the work is done.

5. Tech-Savvy Manager: Only works with technology – presentation on PPT; mails through iPhone

6. Sun Flower Manger: Smile lights up his face as soon as he sees his boss and disappears when the boss disappears!

7. Echo Manager: He echo’s his master opinions

8. Air Bus Manager: Always flying with ideas; unfortunately many of them crash land!

9. Import Manager: Uses western ideologies and management concepts in Asian markets.

10. Teflon manager: Nothing sticks to him – especially his blunders.

11. Hyena Manager: Slyly takes credit for work done by others.

Have you come across managers who left you frustrated and fuming? Do share their traits and add value to the conversation!